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Learn how important for you to know how to find a locksmith near your area. Finding a locksmith company before you need them can save you a lot of money and keep your family safe. Be aware of scammers.

Follow this step and learn more from people who locked out already and got overcharged bills by scammers.

  • Check online for a real local technician
  • Ask for friends and family recommendations
  • search for your locksmith in your area before you need them
  • Verify your flat rate only and remember that estimated price it is not enough
  • Never pay cash, ask to pay only by credit card and you'll be able to get your money back in case you need it.
  • Remember that any expert locksmith can pop a lock within 5 minutes, make sure nobody drilling your locks
  • Ask for a technician name over the phone and check his ID or driver license when he arrived
  • Check for current insurance in case of damage to your property
  • Read reviews and check listing on Google and social media
  • Hide a spare key for your house in case you locked out

What kind of services you can get here?

We provide residential locksmith services for all type of door locks including locks change, lock installation and locks re-keying. We also present 24 hours of emergency lockouts services for all the Rochester NY metro area, our technician can pick a lock without any damage and get you into your house shortly. 

Hope we gave you some idea about all your needs, if you are now locked out near Webster NY, or need your locks changed in Greece, you know how to find a locksmith near your area. Contact us for any question or 24 hours locksmith support. 

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Nobody likes to be cheated when he locked out or need a lock change, you supposed to know how to find a locksmith in your area, we know that a lot of people getting overcharged bills from scammers near Rochester area, you want to make sure it is not happening to you by choosing the right locksmith. Keep your privacy and make sure you’re house safe and secure.

We Found this ABC news video for you in case you couldn’t find a locksmith in your area yet, it showing you some way how to find a trusted locksmith and not getting overcharged bills, watch and learn more about locksmiths scammers and make sure that not happening to you.

Who can re-keying locks? How much it's cost?

Any professional locksmith tech can rekey house and commercial locks, before you going to call for service, check first at the Home Depot or Lowes, they can rekey Kwikset and Schlage locks, cheaper than Locksmiths companies. If you decide to call make sure you pay $19 for each lock rekey. Search for a guide on google.

Professional & Local

Our residential locks service at Rochester, NY metro covers a wide spectrum of keys industry, from extracting broken keys, replacing locks, or simply upgrading your home security systems. From day-to-day services such as locks installations & lock repairs, locks rekey, to emergency keys and, where trained, pro with the proper tools to handle any locks or keys situation.

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